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We understand how important it is that your child receives the optimum education possible so we have answered many of your frequently asked questions below. For more information please contact us to further discuss your child’s specific needs.


What age must my child be to enroll at JAI School?

JAI Entermedia is an after-school tutoring centre that helps educate children of ALL ages. We teach children from all year groups ranging from early pre-school to high school students. We cater our learning group sessions to the learning need of your child. Whether your child is struggling at school or is a high achiever and wants to excel further, we offer learning support for everyone.



How long does the JAI School term last and what are the school hours?

Our term runs in accordance with the NSW primary school term. However, our terms calendar may differ slightly each year depending on the circumstance. We discuss this in advance and we provide parents with a schedule during enrollment. Group sessions run Monday to Thursday from 4pm to 9pm each day. Students must arrive 5 minutes before their scheduled lesson begins.


Are JAI teachers qualified to teach my child?

Yes absolutely. Our teachers are employed solely on their expertise and experience. Each one of our teachers is highly qualified with an undergraduate degree or masters degree in education. We have employed only the best to join our team. Each teacher has experience in teaching primary and secondary students as well as knowledge of the curriculum. All employees are screened and pass child protection checks on a quarterly basis and they take part in ongoing professional development programs. We are proud of our team and the positive impact they have on our students’ learning.



How do I enroll at the fabulous JAI School?

JAI Entermedia is very particular with who we allow to enroll at our Academy. We have a meet and greet process, which takes place before an enrollment is considered. You must contact us directly in order to book an appointment. During the meet and greet we will discuss your child’s needs, age group and subjects you would like to enroll them in. Our time slots are constantly booked up so we urge you to get in early and book an appointment as soon as possible to get the time slot you want. Enrollment is processed only after the full payment is made and all documents are read, filled out and signed. We will then call you to confirm times slots and days your child will be attending the tutoring group. Contact us now to book an appointment.



Phone: 0416 738 880


Frequently Asked Question's:

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