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JAI Entermedia provides an all round entertainment service with a fresh, modern influence developed with creative minds and a NEW and improved MUSIC SCHOOL which prides itself on the education and tuition it provides whilst nurturing and developing student music skills. 


JAI Entermedia is an education centre that provides the highest quality-tutoring programme for children of all ages. Our key focus is teaching Music. We take pride in this approach as it offers a fun and educational environment with an exciting incentive for learning. Instruments that taught are drums, guitar and piano.

"My goal in life is to INSPIRE people! I want to continue to be that guy that gets told "because of you, I....". That inspires ME to strive to the best of my ability and help people more and more everyday, whether it be a group or just one on a daily basis...MUSIC is what keeps me going in life! It helped me during my darkest days and it definitely helps me during the most amazing days!! I live, breath and bleed will never escape the cells in my body!

I am amazed by comments i still receive today about my passion and my profession....professionals thanking me for what i do?? THAT'S AMAZING! That says SO many things to me...'R.E.S.P.E.C.T' - That word is very limited in today's society....Continue smiling everyday as i do, its the best medicine to date!

Find your PASSION!! Find that DRIVE!! STRIVE to the best of your ability..Have POSITIVE ENERGY....I have these qualities, do you??" (Jason Isaac, 2014)

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