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Any Occasion

The Tubel is a traditional drum played at many multicultural events. This instruments middle eastern influence makes it an affective percussion instrument that works up the crowd.

Jason brings a unique attribute to every party when he plays the Tubel. He becomes the master and sole entertainer plus puts on an entertaining show. He brings colour, movement, buzz and a positive energy rolled into one risqué performance.

Jason has been nick named 'Jumping Jack Jason' because of his abilty to drum, dance and jump at the same time!

Session Drummer


Jason is sought after by bands across Australia. A self taught groover, he brings every party to life with his Buzz factor. He loves playing all genres of music and can pump up any audience. He has toured with X Factor Top 3 Finalists, Brothers 3, who are signed by Warner Music Australia. For Gig bookings – 0416 738 880

Bands & Zaffeh (Grand Entrance)

English & Arabic

Catering for english and arabic music we play to the beat of the music you select.

We can provide a variety of performers including drummers, guitarists, keyboardists, saxophone players, marching bands, fire breathers, acrobatics and many more!

Trust us to leave our mark!


Capturing the moment


The impact that photos have on people comes down to the photographers techniques and passion in capturing these moments. Jason's unique angles and visions make sure each moment is captured in a special light keeping people in awe. Each shot is brought to life with his magic touch and risky proactive nature.



Mix Master


Djaysonic teases the crowd with his buzzing frenzy of popular tunes and melodic bass lines. His repertoire caters for all parties and events showcasing the latest TOP 40 hits, remixes, retro, middle eastern favorites, rock n roll classics and rock metal.

Custom Drum Making



Building you the most current, strong and long lasting Traditional Drums (Tubels) along side repairs and refurbishments! Whether it be new skins, new drum raps, sticks, stickers or something cool or funky in mind....

We can help your creative mind, come to life!

Brazilian, Capoeira & Bellydancers Shows

Great Entertaining Shows


Best of its type for dinner shows and part of entertainment for the night! We have Brazilian dancers, Capoeira dancers, Belly Dancers...any other enquiries, ask us and we will try our best to organise it to best suit your needs!


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